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Our social lives are managed through apps. Our dating prospects are arranged by swipe. Algorithms dictate what we listen to, the places we go and the information we consume. It’s hard to overstate how many fundamental human behaviours are now integrated with technology.

We are only just beginning to grapple with the implications of this new technological paradigm. This newsletter is my place to do just that.

About Matt

I teach at the University of Auckland’s Faculty of Law, where my academic research is focused on emerging technologies like crypto, blockchain and AI. Previously, I worked as a commercial lawyer advising on emerging technologies, regulatory issues and employment law. I am also a representative of New Zealand’s AI Forum and work with Blockchain New Zealand.

I have written pieces on emerging technology for a range of think tanks, institutes and media, including the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, RNZ, the Lowy Institute, Newsroom and the Australian Institute of International Affairs. My writing has also been cited by The Washington Post and Hacker News.


Matt Bartlett
Faculty of Law, University of Auckland. Technocracy is the home for my writing about technology, law and politics